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We have more than 30 years of experience in CNG Compression systems and Dispensers, as well as transport for compressed natural gas - with our exclusive Virtual Pipeline® line. Now, we welcome you to the LNG experience.


NGV 2014 Brussels

Galileo's NGV fueling solutions were showcased at NGV 2014

Galileo participated in this exciting event hosted by NGVA Europe, the European Natural Gas Vehicle Association, which was held July 7-10, at the Brussels Kart Expo, in the capital city of Belgium and the European Union.
Osvaldo Del Campo, Galileo CEO and Chief of Technology

NGV2014 Brussels: the Cryobox® is one of the key proposals to develop global LNG and CNG fueling infrastructure

On Thursday 10, NGV2014 Brussels kicked off with the last workshop of the event: "Fuel Infrastructure".