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Biogas upgrading and biomethane liquefaction station

Cryobox-Bio is a fully integrated biogas upgrading and biomethane liquefaction station. Its plug-and-play technology and its intrinsically safe configuration allows to process up to 500 cubic meters per hour (m3/h) of biogas right at the source and in the necessary scale. Hence, it is now possible to monetize resources which lacked value before, and to provide Liquefied Biomethane Gas (Bio-LNG*) as clean fuel for transport, power generation and for the energy industry as a whole

* Bio-LNG is the same as Liquefied Biomethane Gas (LBG) or Liquefied Biomethane (LBM)

Main features

Portable and plug-and-play
Focused on the rapid availability of Bio-LNG, its plug-and-play configuration features all the elements required for a direct connection to biodigesters. Every unit measures the size of a 40-feet container and takes only one month for its installation and commissioning, simply through a concrete platform as a base and the access to electric power, compressed air and Internet.
Modularity, lightweight, economic transportation and easy installation turn Cryobox-Bio into the most flexible solution for future expansions, relocations and the financing of the equipment.
Biogas upgrading system (ZPTS)
Biogas undesirable components (H2O, H2S, COV, siloxanes, CO2) are removed by an integrated ZPTS membrane and adsorption upgrading system. Once biogas is purified, the biomethane obtained can be liquefied into LBM and fulfill the necessary conditions to be transported via Virtual Pipeline® to a valorization site for its injection into the natural gas grid, or to be used as a heavy-duty vehicle fuel or for power generation.
Water cooling system
It refrigerates the system and supplies 170 thousand kilocalories per hour (Kcal/h), ensuring the thermal operating conditions of the biodigester.
Boil-off free
The boil-off automatic recovery system provides an emission-free Bio-LNG storage and filling, which avoids the waste of gas, ensures safe operations and complies with environmental regulations.
Proprietary technology
Its multiple-stage liquefaction cycle removes any inerts and is powered by a 440 kilowatts (kW) engine linked to a Galileo MX 400 Compressor
Start-up record
Without energy losses or inefficiencies, its cold start-up feature allows Cryobox-Bio to reach the maximum production level in only 10 minutes. A clear advantage when compared to medium or large-sized plants which require 12 to 18 hours to start production.
Fast and easy filling
The transfer of Bio-LNG to the storage tanks does not require the use of pumps. Thanks to its priority panel, Bio-LNG can also be transferred from these tanks to the distribution trailers or to other vehicles or industrial equipment for immediate consumption.
Multiple biofuels for multiple needs
Besides Bio-LNG, Cryobox produces Compressed Biomethane (Bio-CNG*) on demand, offering the possibility to choose the best fuel for every occasion, for example: Bio-CNG for light-duty vehicles and Bio-LNG for high-power applications.

* Bio-CNG is the same as Compressed Biomethane Gas (CBG) or Compressed Biomethane (CBM)
24/7 Monitoring
The operation is completely automatized and monitored remotely 24/7 via Galileo Technologies SCADA system.


Liquefied Biomethane Gas (Bio-LNG/LBG/LBM) flow (kg/h)170-200
Bio-LNG/LBG/LBM composition100% CH4 / CO2 ≤ 100 PPM
Bio-LNG/LBG/LBM temperature (-°C)153-160
Biomethane inlet flow (Nm3/h)500
Suction pressure (bar)0.10
Biogas compositionCO2 ≤ 50% / N2 ≤ 3% / O2 ≤ 1% / Siloxanes not admitted / Sulfides ≤
Power rating (kW)440
DimensionsLength (m) 14.500
Length with open doors (m) 15.600
Width (m) 2.650
Width with open doors (m) 5.950
Height (m) 2.800
Weight (t)30
Biogas sourcesSilage, cultivable and inedible vegetable species, manure and guano from animals in stalls and/or feed lot.
Sewage sludge.
Effluents and waste from the brewing, dairy and jelly industries and from cold storage plants.
Waste management facilities
Industrial facilities
Power generation plants
Public and private filling stations for vehicles
Mother stations of Virtual Pipeline® systems
Natural Gas Pipelines
Operational managementDirect connection to the biodigester and biogas upgrading system (ZPTS)
Heat recovery system to ensure biodigester thermal operating conditions
Remote monitoring
Compliance with worldwide quality standards
Low maintenance cost
Low operating cost
All performance parameters contained in this datasheet have a tolerance of ± 10%. Galileo Technologies S.A reserves the right to modify, add or remove without previous notice any part or feature described herein.
Cryobox (EN)

Bio-LNG Virtual Pipeline

El Virtual Pipeline connects consumers with biogas sources, monetizing resources that currently have no value and providing energy to isolated regions. Its technology makes it possible to upgrade biogas and liquefy biomethane right at the source; transport Bio-LNG by road and deliver it at the pressure and demand levels required by consumers.


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