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Biogas upgrading and biomethane compression package

Microbox-Bio is a fully integrated biogas upgrading and biomethane compression package. Its plug-and-play technology and its intrinsically safe configuration allow you to process up to 500 cubic meters per hour (m3/h) of raw biogas. Hence, you can monetize resources which lacked value before, and provide Compressed Biomethane Gas (Bio-CNG) as clean fuel for transport, power generation and for the energy industry as a whole.

* Bio-CNG is the same as Compressed Biomethane Gas (CBG) or Compressed Biomethane (CBM)

Main features

The standard Microbox-Bio configuration is designed to offer you fast installation and high availability rates at low operation and maintenance costs.

Portable and plug-and-play
Focused on the rapid availability of Bio-CNG, its plug-and-play configuration allows for a direct connection to biodigesters. In addition, it includes storage, electric board, gas cooling system, pressure regulation plant and metering bridge in a single module. Equipped with an armored cabin that features all the elements required for a safe operation, Microbox-Bio takes only 10 days for its installation and commissioning, and can be approved by a single permit.
Major installation savings
Modularity, lightweight, economic transportation and easy installation turn Microbox -Bio into the most flexible solution for future expansions, relocations and the financing of the equipment.
Biogas upgrading system (ZPTS)
Biogas undesirable components (H2O, H2S, COV, siloxanes, CO2) are removed by an integrated ZPTS membrane and adsorption upgrading system. Once biogas is purified, the biomethane obtained can be compressed into BIO-CNG and fulfill the necessary conditions to be transported via < a href="">Virtual Pipeline® to a valorization site for its injection into the natural gas grid, or to be used as a heavy-duty vehicle fuel or for power generation.
Water cooling system
It refrigerates the system and supplies 170 thousand kilocalories per hour (Kcal/h), ensuring the thermal operating conditions of the biodigester.
Wide range of inlet pressures
The wide variety of compressors available allows you to work with inlet pressures from 0.10 bar to 60 bar, ensuring the flow rate required by the station.
Cold Bio-CNG
The Microbox-Bio dispatches cold Bio-CNG at a pressure of 250 bar. Every cold Bio-CNG refilling increases volume and improves the NGV cylinder’s capacity performance. In addition, it offers an optional system for high-rate dispatch stations that further reduces CNG temperature and increases the supply volume per refilling.
Priority panel
A single or multiple path panel manages the Bio-CNG flow and offers an optimal dispatch capacity as well as efficient storage management.
Coalescing filter
A built-in coalescing filter is incorporated and ensures CNG with minimum levels of oil. Oil Free compressors are also available for heavy-duty applications
Programmable and unloaded start-up
The MXCompressors start-up and stop parameters can be adjusted to consumption levels. In addition, integrated by-pass valves unload the compressors' gas before stopping, thus reducing power consumption and equipment wear.
Proprietary technology
Its multiple-stage compression cycle removes any inerts and is powered by a 450 kilowatts (kW) engine linked to a Galileo MX 400 Compressor
Fast and easy filling
The transfer of LBM to the storage tanks does not require the use of pumps. Thanks to its priority panel, LBM can also be transferred from these tanks to the distribution trailers or to other vehicles or industrial equipment for immediate consumption.
Vibration free
The laser shaft-alignment technology applied to the compressor-engine assembly alleviates the need for anti-vibration systems.
Programmable alerts and 24/7 monitoring
Complemented by our proprietary SCADA system, a set of programmable alerts guarantees immediate preventive and corrective action on all operating parameters.
Integrated lubrication management system
Pre-lubrication pump
Ensures optimal lubrication even under intermittent operating conditions.
Automatic oil replenishment system
Provides you at least 7 days of unmanned operations.


Compressed Biomethane Gas (Bio-CNG/CBM/CBG) flow (Nm3/h)170-200
Bio-CNG/CBM/CBG composition100% CH4 / CO2≤ 100 PPM
Discharge pressure (bar)250
Suction pressure (bar)100
Raw biogas inlet (Nm3/h)500
Biogas compositionCO2 ≤ 50% / N2 ≤ 3% / O2 ≤ 1% / Siloxanes not admitted / Sulfides ≤
Power rating (kW)75-1,000
DimensionsLength (m) 8.761
Length with open doors (m) 8.004
Width (m) 2.211
Width with open doors (m) 5.725
Height (m) 2.100
Weight (t)14.5
Biogas sourcesSilage, cultivable and inedible vegetable species, manure and guano from animals in stalls and/or feed lot.
Sewage sludge.
Effluents and waste from the brewing, dairy and jelly industries and from cold storage plants.
Waste management facilities
Industrial facilities
Power generation plants
Public and private filling stations for vehicles
Mother stations of Virtual Pipeline® systems
Natural Gas Pipelines
Operational managementDirect connection to the biodigester and biogas upgrading system (ZPTS)
Heat recovery system to ensure biodigester thermal operating conditions
Remote monitoring
Compliance with worldwide quality standards
Low maintenance cost
All performance parameters contained in this datasheet have a tolerance of ± 10%. Galileo Technologies S.A reserves the right to modify, add or remove without previous notice any part or feature described herein.
Paquete Compresor de GNC/GNV Microbox de Galileo Technologies


Our wide variety of configuration options maximize Microbox-Bio's benefits and boost your operation profitability.

Energy efficiency
Power savings with Enersave®
Our proprietary Enersave system adjusts power consumption to Bio-CNG demand, thus reducing your power costs by 50%.

High pressure kit*
Working at a 350 bar pressure, this kit greatly increases the Bio-CNG storage capacity.
* The use of this kit depends upon pressure levels authorized by local regulations

Variable speed fans
Fan speed varies depending on the gas temperature, thus reducing the noise level, start-up peaks and power consumption.
Optimized filling
Enhanced dispatch with Coldbox® system
Coldbox reduces the heat that is generated when refueling. This results in a 15% increase in dispatched CNG, saving you on operating costs.

Oil-Free Gas
Oil-free piston rings and piston rod packings are available for special applications.
Compliance with local regulations
CE and/or UL instruments
Provided upon your request.
Gas motor
Gas motor
Provided upon your request.

Gas commanded valves
Gas-actuated valves eliminate the need for external supply of compressed air.
Automatic storage venting
Automatic safety system immediately activates gas storage vents.

Gas leak sensors
Gas sensors that monitor in-cabin gas leaks.

Fire protection system
The fire protection system prevents, alerts and extinguishes fires, saving lives and assets.
Environmental quality
The soundproofing systems reduce the cabin noise levels to 75 decibels (dB).

Bio-CNG/CBM/CBG Virtual Pipeline®

The Virtual Pipeline connects consumers with biogas sources, monetizing resources that currently have no value and providing energy to isolated regions. Its technology makes it possible to upgrade biogas and compress biomethane right at the source; transport Bio-CNG by road and deliver it at the pressure and demand levels required by consumers.


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