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Nanobox CNG Compressor and Dispenser


NANOBOX is Galileo’s Plug-and-Play CNG compressor-package, specifically designed for private NGV fleets and small CNG filling-stations. This equipment provides a convenient and attractive solution for the needs of this market. The package integrates compression, storage and a complete CNG dispenser in a single unit.

Nanobox covers a wide range of inlet pressures.

There are also options with remote dispenser (not incorporated in the Nanobox).

NANOBOX advantages:

High return on Investment.
Fast, easy and low cost installation.
Minimum space requirement.
Quick load ,simple low cost, preventive maintenance.
Touch-screen control panel and modem data transmission
Safe and reliable operation
Simple to operate and control.
Refill of 30 to 250 vehicles per day
Register and internet-transmission of commercial,
    technical and audit data.

Nanobox is an integral solution that allows compressing, storing and dispatching
CNG with a single unit.