CNG/Bio-CNG Dispensers

EMB® CNG Dispensers

EMB CNG dispensers ensure a fast, safe and accurate filling. Their modularity allows for installation next to liquid fuel dispensers and integration with the station management and monitoring systems.

Standard features

Maximum Instant flow capacity: 6, 15, 30 or 50 kilograms per minute (kg/min).

One or three-way priority refilling system.

Single or double-hose dispensers.

Mass metering system per hose.

Refill presetting.

Working pressure: 250 bar.

Cut pressure: 200 bar adjusted as per your requirements.

Excess flow shut-down system.

Emergency shut-down system in case of high-pressure dispatch.

Break-away valves.

Emergency shut-down system.

Approved to work in Class I, Division I areas.

Filling pressure automatic compensation system depending on the temperature.

Liquid quartz display with a price change system and indicators for: 1) Price per cubic meter ($/m³), 2) Total price of sale in $, 3) Total volume in m³.

Ability to store previous sales, accumulated volumes and total sales information.

Capability for serial communication with station management.

Optional oil, air or water hose services available.

Surtidores de GNC/GNV de 2 mangueras, fabricados por Galileo Technologies


Surtidor de GNC/GNV de 1 manguera, fabricado por Galileo Technologies
Maximum instant flow capacity [m3/min]
6, 15, 30 or 50
Number of priority refilling ways
1 or 3
Version per number of filling hoses
S - Single CNG hose
D - Double CNG hoses
Examples of configuration

Maximum instant flow capacity: 6 kg/min.
One-way priority refilling system.
Two refilling hoses.
Engineered for light-duty CNG vehicles.


Maximum instant flow capacity: 15 kg/min.
One-way priority refilling system.
Two refilling hoses.
Engineered for light-duty CNG vehicles and buses.


Maximum instant flow capacity: 30 kg/min.
Three-way priority refilling system.
Single refilling hose.
Engineered for CNG buses and trucks.

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