Galileo adds CNG compressors and dispensers to the Argentine highways

General Roca S.A. opened a new CNG filling station at the AU 9 highway connecting the cities of Córdoba and Rosario, in the Argentine provinces of Córdoba and Santa Fe respectively.

This station has been equipped with a Microbox® packaged GNC compressor and three EMB-15-1-D® CNG dispensers by Galileo.

Located in General Roca, Córdoba Province, this station will contribute to the service of a high regional demand. With 8.68 million GGE (gasoline gallon equivalent), Córdoba is the second largest province in terms of monthly CNG sales volume, while Santa Fe is the third one with almost 5.6 million GGE.

The first in the ranking is Buenos Aires Province with 29.68 million GGE per month. This is very relevant as these provinces have the largest populations and GDP of the country.

All Galileo’s equipment lines used in this CNG station are plug-and-play featured, so they can be installed without any futher civil works to ensure their safety. Once on the ground, they only need to be connected to the gas network and among them.

Moreover, their compact design and very low levels of noise and vibrations leave more spare room for the addition of other facilities to the station.

  • CNG filling station located in General Roca with one Microbo packaged GNC compressor and three EMB-15-1-D CNG dispensers by Galileo.
  • Microbox packaged GNC compressor and three EMB-15-1-D CNG dispensers by Galileo.

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