Galileo Technologies: a new denomination for gas technologies

Today, CNG Galileo S.A. announced that its corporate name has changed to Galileo Technologies S.A.

This new brand name features the technological division of the Galileo Group, characterized by the company`s own investigation, development and manufacturing within the field of natural gas, biogas and hydrogen exploitation as fuel sources.

With main offices in Argentina since 1987 and a portfolio based on CNG compressors, this company stands out for its Cryobox® Nano Station for LNG Production, which brings together LNG Plant services in one compact and easy-to-transport module. Galileo is a household name in the production and supply of both gas and hydrocarbons.

“The new denomination aims to emphasize the company`s innovative nature and our way to relate to our clients with custom-made solutions, ranging from gas and hydrocarbon production to the provision of CNG or LNG as fuels within transportation, industry or power generation”, said Osvaldo del Campo, CEO of the group.

  • Galileo Tecnologies new brand logo

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