New CNG station in Atlanta to feature Galileo’s CNG compressor

Atlanta based CNG Southeast announced at the 2013 North American NGV Conference & Expo that it will install a new CNG station on Fulton Industrial Blvd in NW Atlanta.

This station will feature state-of- the-art Galileo’s Microbox® packaged CNG compressor, which will be the third to be adopted in the US and first in the Southeast region.

“We are excited at the prospect of showcasing cutting-edge Gailileo’s Microbox here in Atlanta and the Southeast,” remarked Larry Toney, Managing Partner of CNG Southeast. The compact Microbox CNG compressor is “Plug & Play” featured, so it can be installed without any further civil works. Once on the ground, it can be installed and commissioned in a record-breaking time, since it only needs to be connected to the gas network.

Argentina based Galileo is a world leader in small scale CNG compression technologies and has recently launched the Cryobox® LNG Production Station, which supplies LNG to the environmentally cleanest and fastest ferry in the River Plate, Francis Pope.

“We a have thirty years of worldwide experience in natural gas compression for filling vehicles, and today we are proud of being involved  in  the development of the infrastructure that American consumers need to enjoy this cheaper and environmentally cleaner fuel” said Osvaldo del Campo, Galileo CEO.

  • Microbox® CNG compressor


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