Osvaldo del Campo, keynote speaker of the IP Week 2018

The President and CEO of Galileo will give his view on how Virtual Pipelines can reshape the LNG market and take stranded gas resources to consumers.

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LNG Virtual Pipelines: alternative systems

TOGY talks to Osvaldo del Campo, CEO and President of Galileo Technologies, about virtual pipelines networks in Argentina.

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Carlos Grisolía is the new President of the Argentine NGV Association (CAGNC)

Last Monday December 18th, the Cámara Argentina del GNC (CAGNC), Argentina’s affiliate NGV Association, elected its new Board. Officers have a two year term.

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Galileo changing the game with LNG-tech

With production from Argentina’s Vaca Muerta shale formation expected to rise at a rapid pace in the coming years, local services provider Galileo Technologies hopes to make the most of its pioneering hardware to monetise gas discoveries from remote locations.

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Galileo’s technology helps boost gas production in southern Argentina

Galileo Technologies launched five new Microskid Process MX 200® compression packages to service Pan American Energy (PAE) in Cerro Dragón, Province of Chubut, Argentina.

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President Macri visited the thermoelectric plant fed by Galileo’s LNG Virtual Pipeline

The Argentine President, Mauricio Macri, visited the thermoelectric power plant recently inaugurated by Methax, Grupo Galileo’s power station, in Anchoris, province of Mendoza.

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Galileo Technologies to supply LNG from stranded gas wells to power generation

Galileo Technologies will supply 14 Cryobox-Trailer® LNG Production Stations to fuel the new power generation plant that Methax, a special purpose company also owned by Grupo Galileo, is building in Anchoris, Mendoza Province, Argentina.

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What is Gas 3.0?

It is the new generation of technological solutions engineered by Galileo Technologies to take natural gas and biomethane benefits to new consumers.

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Meet us at the 2017 ACT EXPO

Galileo Technologies will be exhibiting at this exciting event which will be held on May 2-3, 2017, at the Convention & Entertainment Center, in Long Beach, California, USA.

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Galileo Technologies will introduce their CNG and LNG solutions at the Oil Gas Service Exhibition in Poltava, Ukraine

Methane-Technoservice Ltd., the official representative of Galileo Technologies in Ukraine and CIS, will take part in the XIV Specialized Oil&Gas Exhibition Oil. Gas. Service, which will be held on February 16-17, 2017, at the Expo Hall in Poltava, Ukraine.

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LNG: Interview with Osvaldo del Campo, CEO, Galileo Technologies

Our LNG Distributed Production Solutions are designed to condition and liquefy natural gas and/or biogas right at the source.

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LNG: Galileo Technologies is among those shortlisted for the World LNG Summit 2016 Awards.

Galileo Technologies has been shortlisted for the CWC LNG Technological Innovation Award, which will be awarded to a company that, through technological improvement or change, has made a fundamental change in the production, transportation or regasification of LNG.

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Biomethane: meet us at the Ecomondo 2016

Galileo will be exhibiting at this exciting event, which will be held on November 8-11, 2016, at the Rimini Expo Centre, Italy.

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Gas is the way to go

TOGY talks to Osvaldo del Campo, CEO of Galileo Technologies, about Galileo’s contributions to efficiency in the Argentine natural gas sector.

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One step forward in Galileo’s globalization strategy

The Management of Galileo Group led by Osvaldo del Campo (CEO) have established a strategic partnership with Blue Water Energy and acquired the entire share capital of the Company from erstwhile shareholders.

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Galileo supplies Compressed Biomethane Gas from urban sewage sludge in Norway

Through the commissioning of two Nanobox® compressors at the service of Hias IKS, an intermunicipal water, sewage and sanitation company, Galileo Technologies is involved in one of the most ambitious Waste-To-Energy projects in Norway.

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LNG: Galileo introduced an on-site flare reduction solution to Terra Energy at the Bakken Shale region

Galileo Technologies, in partnership with SPATCO Energy Solutions – one of its distributors in North America, has just commissioned an innovative solution for Terra Energy in North Dakot’s Bakken shale region to integrate flare gas capture and liquefied natural gas (LNG) production right at the wellhead.

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SoCalGas encourages the growth of CNG transportation in California, by applying Galileo’s CNG filling technology

Discover an innovative refueling system for natural gas vehicles that encourages the growth of CNG transportation, by increasing convenience and refueling options.

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“We are putting into practice a new paradigm in the gas industry”

Galileo Technologies drives the third generation of natural gas production and transport technologies through innovative methods for fields connected to pipelines and also for fields in remote areas.

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Gas production has become more demanding

During the interview published by Shale Seguro hacia ENERGÍA 360 magazine, Osvaldo del Campo reflected upon the unconventional hydrocarbons market and technological innovations.

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Galileo Technologies introduced their Unconventional Solutions at the 2015 Oil & Gas Expo in Argentina

Galileo Technologies participated in the Argentina Oil & Gas Expo 2015 which took place in 5-8 October, 2015, at La Rural Convention Centre, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Galileo Technologies CNG compressors and dispensers propel the fleet of the bread manufacturer Grain Holding

Grain Holding installed a Microbox® CNG compressor and an EMB® dispenser to fill the tanks of their 90-van distribution fleet at their new plant located in Ryasan, Central Russia, 121.8 miles (196 kilometers) Southeast of Moscow.

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Galileo Secures Canadian Distributor for CNG-LCNG-LNG Cryobox

Canadian energy equipment distributor and service provider, National Energy Equipment, Inc. (NEE) has entered into an agreement with Argentina’s Galileo Technologies.

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Galileo participated in the 2015 International Gas Conference in Paris

Galileo participated in this important event that took place in Paris Expo Porte de Versailles between 1st and 5th June.

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NGV leader Fausto Maranca passes away

We are deeply sorry to inform you that Fausto Maranca passed away last night. He was founder and former president of Galileo, an Argentinian NGV leader since its inception and a worldwide expert due to its vast experience and knowledge.

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Thank you, Fausto. Your talent is still with us.

Throughout his life, Fausto Maranca was a man with a renaissance spirit: self-taught and talented. With great joy and optimism, he combined his passion for technological innovation, the environment, industrial leadership, music and sports.

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Titan NGV Fueling installed a Gigabox CNG compressor at its new station

With expected high demand, Titan NGV Fueling installed a Gigabox® CNG compressor at the recently inaugurated CNG station located at 24201 of El Toro Road, just off the 5 Interstate Freeway Exit, in the city of Lake Forest, CA.

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More Galileo compressors for Vaca Muerta shale gas

Tetratech Inc. increased their demand for Microskid Process MX 400® compressors and thirteen units have already been started, two more than initially planned.

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Virtual Pipeline: a mobile CNG refueling station will supply fleets in New York

The Virtual Pipeline® system, a solution created by Galileo Technologies to transport natural gas by road where there are no pipelines, will be used as a mobile CNG station.

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Bricks with Galileo’s Green Technology

With the installation of Galileo PRP 1500 regulatory pressure plants, the Peruvian brick companies Ladrillera Diamante and Ladrillera Inca will replace the use of residual fuel oil by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) in their kilns.

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Gaspetrol adds a new station equipped with a Microbox CNG compressor

Gaspetrol, Copetrol Group network stations in Peru, adds a new CNG station in the coastal city of Cañete, 144 km from Lima.

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Increased presence of Galileo at Cerro Dragon at the service of PAE

Galileo Technologies installed nine Microskid Process MX 200® compressors at the service of Pan American Energy (PAE) in Cerro Dragon, Chubut province, Argentina.

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Unconventional gas needs unconventional solutions

Osvaldo Del Campo, Galileo’s CEO, mentioned strong growth expectations in the Argentine market.

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LNG: SPATCO sells Cryobox LNG-Station to capture North Dakota flared gas

SPATCO Energy Solutions, one of Galileo Technologies distributors in North America, announced the sale of the first North American Galileo Cryobox® LNG-Station, to Terra Energy Group.

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New Galileo’s Exhibitions Calendar – Worldwide

Since September 18th, 2014, Galileo Technologies will be exhibiting at very exciting events around the world.

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Galileo Technologies: a new denomination for gas technologies

Today, CNG Galileo S.A. announced that its corporate name has changed to Galileo Technologies S.A.

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The Argentine President inaugurated the plant equipped with the Cryobox that provides Buquebus with LNG

Last Thursday, Argentina’s President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner highlighted the importance of the major investment made by the Argentine shipbuilder, Juan Carlos Lopez Mena, for the Liquefaction Plant owned by the Buquebus group.

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Galileo’s NGV fueling solutions were showcased at NGV 2014

Galileo participated in this exciting event hosted by NGVA Europe, the European Natural Gas Vehicle Association, which was held July 7-10, at the Brussels Kart Expo, in the capital city of Belgium and the European Union.

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NGV2014 Brussels: the Cryobox is one of the key proposals to develop global LNG and CNG fueling infrastructure

On Thursday 10, NGV2014 Brussels kicked off with the last workshop of the event: “Fuel Infrastructure”.

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Posidonia 2014: Cryobox was presented as an LNG bunkering solution

Kaminco, Galileo’s bunkering solutions supplier in Greece and Cyprus, presented the Cryobox® LNG Production Station before the international naval community at Posidonia 2014.

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Russia: Rosneft and Galileo expand cooperation in the field of use of gas as motor fuel

Rosneft President, Chairman of the Management Board Igor Sechin and CEO of GNC Galileo S.A. Osvaldo del Campo signed an agreement of cooperation aimed at the expansion of use of gas as motor fuel in Russia.

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Galileo opens its Oil Service Centre in Patagonia

Based in Añelo, Province of Neuquén, Argentina, the centre will be fully devoted to the maintenance of its growing fleet of compressors in the area of Loma de la Lata.

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Galileo at ACT Expo 2014

Galileo participated in this important event, which took place between May 5-8 at Long Beach Convention Centre, California, USA.

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Eleven Galileo compressors to process shale gas

Tetratech will use eleven Microskid Process MX 400® compressors to process shale gas from Vaca Muerta formation.

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PLN Batam distributes CNG among the insular populations of Indonesia by using Galileo’s technology

PLN Batam will supply Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) by ship to fuel the power generation plant of Bintan Island, in the Riau Islands Province of Indonesia.

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A Galileo’s compressor duplicates the oil secondary recovery in Punta Arenas

Galileo installed a 200 KW power compressor for gas-lift application in the Posesión Well, ran by the Chilean oil company ENAP in the surroundings of Punta Arenas.

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Galileo breaks new record in CNG supply for power generation

The Indonesian state-owned electricity company PT PLN has opened a new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Storage Facility in Muara Tawar, Bekasi, West Java, which is equipped with 16 Microbox® compressors supplied by Galileo.

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CNG Case study: Madrid’s Municipal Transport Company (EMT) Sanchinarro Operation Center

Galileo has designed and built the largest and fastest CNG station in Europe, equipping it with Microcore® MSP330 CNG Compressors and EMB® Dispensers.

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LNG: Black Diamond Award for Galileo’s top fuel project

Buquebus has been honored with the annual Black Diamond Award.

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Several positive announcements for Galileo at the 2013 North American NGV Conference & Expo

Galileo received positive announcements from MFS and CNG Southeast during this exciting event hosted by NGVAmerica, which was held November 18-21, 2013, at the Georgia World Congress Center, in Atlanta, USA.

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New CNG station in Atlanta to feature Galileo’s CNG compressor

Atlanta based CNG Southeast announced at the 2013 North American NGV Conference & Expo that it will install a new CNG station on Fulton Industrial Blvd in NW Atlanta.

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CNG compressors and dispensers manufactured by Galileo expand SOCAR’s network

State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR Energy) will add thirteen new filling stations to its CNG network in Georgia.

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Half the number of CNG compressors used in Argentina are manufactured by Galileo

The company, which was born at the same time as the gaseous fuel industry in the country, is the only one that offers a full range of equipment for the CNG industry.

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The Virtual Pipeline to make CNG more accessible in the United States

A new company, Mobile Fueling Solutions (MFS), today announced that it is bringing a new technology to the United States that will make widespread conversion to CNG by America’s fleet owners both practical and economical: the Virtual Pipeline® engineered by Galileo.

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Galileo launched new technologies for the production and transport of gas in 2013 CNG, Colombia

Galileo participated in the Colombian 2013 CNG, Congress and International Exhibition of Natural Gas Vehicles.

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Galileo showcased its latest releases in Kiev

Galileo was present at the 17th International Trade Fair of Oil & Gas Industry Expo held on October 22-24, 2013, at the International Exhibition Center, Kiev, Ukraine.

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Galileo reaches milestone with the production and supply of CNG & Hydrogen

Along with the official launching of the semi-industrial production of hydrogen in the Pico Truncado Plant, province of Santa Cruz, Argentina, a filling station featuring Galileo’s technology and supplying a fuel mix of hydrogen and natural gas (HCNG) started operations last Monday.

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LNG: Galileo showcased its Cryobox LNG-technology at the AOG2013

The company was part of the Argentina Oil & Gas Expo 2013, which took place from October 7 to 10 at La Rural trade fair, in Buenos Aires.

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LNG: “the Cryobox will generate broad world demand”

Said Buquebus President Juan Carlos López Mena.

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Galileo presented its LNG-Station at Francisco ferry launch

Yesterday night Galileo presented the Cryobox®, its LNG-production station, at the launching of Francisco, the new Buquebus LNG propelled ferry baptized after the new Pope.

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The Galileo’s Virtual Pipeline reaches Cargill in Kota Kinabalu

On 26th September 2013, technical personnel from Galileo and Sabah Energy Corporation Sdn Bhd (SEC) successfully commissioned the natural gas supply to Desa Cargill Sdn Bhd, which is the third customer to have started using Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) via Virtual Pipeline®.

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Galileo presented its latest proposals to harness LNG and biomethane during Gasdagarna 2013

Osvaldo Del Campo, CEO of Galileo, gave a lecture within the session entitled “Development at the forefront” during the Gasdagarna 2013 seminar, held from 23rd to 24th October in Båstad, Sweden.

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Manantial Espejo: from isolation and high costs to energetic efficiency

Case Study: Galileo implements its Virtual Pipeline® in the generation of electricity for gold and silver mining in Argentine Patagonia.

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Pertamina Gas chooses Galileo’s GNC compressors and dispensers for its new filling station in Jakarta

Pertamina Gas opened a new CNG filling station in Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia. This station is equipped with four Microbox® packaged GNC compressors and four EMB-15-1-D® CNG dispensers.

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Galileo finishes the commissioning of five wellhead compressors for YPF

Galileo has finished the commissioning of five Microskid Process MX 200® compressors, which will extend the service life of mature wells operated by YPF, the Argentine state-owned oil company, in the “Loma de la Lata” field, Neuquén Province, Argentina.

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The second CNG Station in the coldest city of the world is also equipped by Galileo

LLC Sakhametan has, once again, relied on Galileo’s technologies and has equipping its new station with a Microbox® packaged CNG compressor MCB 132-3-1500-6 and two EMB-15-1-D® dispensers of two hoses.

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Energy source via Virtual Pipeline for Sabah consumers

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Borneo: The usage of natural gas in the industry will help reduce cost and preserve the environment.

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Galileo adds CNG compressors and dispensers to the Argentine highways

General Roca S.A. opened a new CNG filling station at the AU 9 highway connecting the cities of Córdoba and Rosario, in the Argentine provinces of Córdoba and Santa Fe respectively.

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Galileo’s CNG compressor and dispensers at the new filling station in San Martín de los Andes

GNC Patagónica S.A. opened a new CNG filling station in San Martín de los Andes, Neuquén, Argentina.

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Galileo’s compressors contribute to increase the production of natural gas and hydrocarbons in Argentina

YPF, the Argentine state-owned oil company, chose Galileo’s technology to extend the service life of mature wells located in the “Loma de la Lata” field, Neuquén Province, Argentina.

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Galileo opens its new Global Spare Parts & Training Hub

The new facilities established their headquarters in the city of Los Angeles, California, USA.

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The Cryobox technology will change the LNG paradigm

Just a little time after the launch of the Cryobox Nano LNG-Station, Osvaldo del Campo, Galileo’s CEO, reviews details of its operation and why it will revolution the market.

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Galileo draws the attention of the 2013 ACT Expo attendees with its Cryobox LNG-Station

Galileo was present at the 2013 ACT Expo which took place at the Walter E. Convention Center, in Washington DC, USA from 24th to 27th June, 2013.

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NGV2013 Gothenburg

Galileo participated of the NGV2013 Gothenburg Exhibition, held on June 11-13, 2013 at the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre, in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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Galileo’s Virtual Pipeline in Borneo

Sabah Energy Corporation Sdn. Bhd. (SEC) will supply natural gas to both distant industrial and geographically scattered consumers by using Galileo`s Virtual Pipeline® technology.

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Breaking the barriers of small-scale LNG: Galileo launches the Cryobox

Seven Cryobox® LNG-Production Stations, designed and manufactured by Galileo, will fuel the tanks of the “Francisco”, the world´s first high speed passenger RO-RO ship powered by Gas Turbines fed on LNG.

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In Caracas, CNG buses fueled by Galileo’s Gigabox reaches 120 units

Since October 2012, two CNG Gigabox® packaged compressors and four EMB-50-1-D dispensers, all developed by Galileo, refill a growing number of buses in Caracas, Venezuela, which today reaches 120 units.

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Galileo’s MX 1000 pipeline boosters pump more gas for households in Argentina

Once again Galileo´s compression technologies keep improving the quality of life of Argentine households: the Company has completed the commissioning of two MX 1000® re-compression stations in El Pastal, Mendoza Province.

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MAT-B technology

Galileo launched the MAT-B® technology for GNC modular containers for its Virtual Pipeline®.

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New Nanobox station

Slovak Gas Distribution Company SPP has opened, in the city of Bratislava, a new CNG station fully equipped with Nanobox® systems developed by Galileo.

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Galileo went along with SOCAR Energy Georgia in the opening ceremony of its first two CNG fueling stations

The opening ceremony was headed by Mr. Mahir Mammedov, General Director of SOCAR Energy Georgia, Mr. David Zubitashvilli, Director of SOCAR Energy Georgia, and by Mr. Osvaldo del Campo, CEO of GNC Galileo SA.

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GasSUF 2012

Galileo participated in the 10th International exhibition of technologies for distribution and effective use of gas GasSUF 2012, which took place from 4th to 6th September in ECC Sokolniki, Moscow, Russian Federation.

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CNG market in Russia

As of June 27th, 2012 Galileo has entered into a very important agreement with the Russian company “CNG Development”, which aims to develop the Russian Federation`s CNG market.

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NGV 2012 European Exhibition

Galileo was present at the NGV 2012 European Exhibition which took place in Bologna, Italy from 19th to 21st June, 2012.

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New CNG stations in USA

Kwik Trip opened its first two stations fully equipped with Galileo`s CNG packaged Compressors. Both stations are located in La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA.

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Houston OTC Expo

Galileo participated in the 2012 edition of the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) which was held between 30th April and 3rd May.

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