The Argentine President inaugurated the plant equipped with the Cryobox that provides Buquebus with LNG

Last Thursday, Argentina's President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner highlighted the importance of the major investment made by the Argentine shipbuilder, Juan Carlos Lopez Mena, for the Liquefaction Plant owned by the Buquebus group.

Small-Scale LNG Production Plant - Buquebus - Galileo - San Vicente

The president stressed that the new plant opened in the town of San Vicente is “a major private investment worth 350 million pesos.”  She also added “as Mr. Juan Carlos Lopez Mena has said, it is operated by national technology, run by the Argentine company Galileo, a leader in liquefied gas.”

This new plant aims to feed with Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) the turbines of the “Francisco” ferry, which as Buquebus announced, will be the environmentally cleanest passenger ship in the world.

In his speech, Buquebus President, Juan Carlos Lopez Mena, said that 96% of the components used in the plant are Argentine industry and it is the first plant of this type in the world. “There are many entrepreneurs all over the world who are looking forward to visiting the plant, and I think that Galileo, a great Argentine company, will be in much demand for these modules of gas liquefaction,” he stated, in reference to the Cryobox® LNG Production Stations.

The ceremony was also attended by the Technical Manager Buquebus, Aníbal Argomedo; ENARGAS Controller Pronsato Antonio; the Port General Manager (AGP), José Beni; the Coordinator of Transportation of Hydrocarbons by Pipeline, Liliana Garrido; Galileo Technologies CEO, Osvaldo del Campo, and public officials who accompanied the Local Mayor, Daniel Di Sabatino.


  • Cryobox LNG Production Stations installed at the Buquebus plant in San Vicente for the provision of fuel for the "Francisco" ferry.
  • Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner during the inauguration.
  • Buquebus LNG plant, located in San Vicente and equipped with seven Cryobox LNG Production stations, completely designed by Galileo.
  • At the center, Osvaldo del Campo, Galileo's CEO, with Juan Carlos Lopez Mena, President of Buquebus, during the opening of the LNG plant of San Vicente.

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