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Virtual Pipeline-Compression


Compression system and loading of CNG storage modules for Virtual Pipeline can be installed by gathering gas from different sources:

• Existing pipelines
• Natural gas production wells
• Natural gas treatment plants
• CNG Stations
• Biodigestors

Depending on the gas source, either a MICROSKID or a MICROBOX is installed. Both of them take low pressure natural gas and compress it until 250 bar pressure is reached, this way, filling the storage MAT modules- which are placed on the PAC loading platforms.

Once load is completed, MAT modules are loaded on truck’s VST trailer and then transported to every consumption center.
Thanks to Galileo`s SCADA System, the entire compression plant`s operation can be monitored in real time, making the this system easy-to-use. If you wish to know more about our compression plants, please download the following document.