A Galileo’s compressor duplicates the oil secondary recovery in Punta Arenas

Galileo installed a 200 kW power compressor for gas-lift application in the Posesión Well, ran by the Chilean oil company ENAP in the surroundings of Punta Arenas.

In two months of operation, this equipment has reached a production volume of 56.6 barrels per day (9m3/day), which doubles the output before its installation.  Additionally, its closed circuit has eliminated venting and, as a result, reduced gas consumption to a 5% by the constant reinjection of its flow into the well.

This greater efficiency will be especially welcome during the cold season, since it will meet the residential demand for gas, without interrupting the hydrocarbon exploitation as it has been the case until recently.

  • Galileo compressor for gas-lift application in the Posesión Well, Punta Arenas, Chile.

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