Carlos Grisolía is the new President of the Argentine NGV Association (CAGNC)

Last Monday December 18th, the Cámara Argentina del GNC (CAGNC), Argentina’s affilliate NGV Association, elected its new Board. Officers have a two year term.

Carlos Grisolía - President of the Argentine NGV Association

Carlos Grisolía – President of the Argentine NGV Association

After serving for two consecutive periods, the CAGNC thanked Dr. Julio Fracchia for his dedication and service to the Association. He remains as immediate Past President. CAGNC welcomes Lic. Carlos Grisolía as the incoming President.

Carlos Grisolía holds a licentiate degree in Economics from Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) and is currently Sales Manager for Galileo Technologies S.A., a world leader in the design and development of CNG and LNG equipment, where he has been employed for the past 15 years.

Previously, he was multinational account manager for Avaya, an international digital business communications innovator.

The new Board of Directors for CAGNC:

  • President: Lic. Carlos Grisolía  (Galileo Technologies S.A.)
  • Vicepresident: Dr. Gustavo Salustri (Salustri GNC)
  • Secretary: Lic. Carlos Scioli (Agira)
  • Undersecretary: Ms. Maria Eugenia Fracchia (Inflex)
  • Treasurer:  Mr. Alfredo Busso (Bureau Veritas)
  • Subtreasurer:   Mr. Gustavo Frontera (Delta Compresión S.A.)

There are approximately 2 million natural gas vehicles (NGV) in Argentina, all retrofitted, with many retrofitted immediately after purchase. Retrofits are carried out in approved conversion workshops.


Source: CAGNC

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