In Caracas, CNG buses fueled by Galileo’s Gigabox reaches 120 units

Operated by PDVSA-Gas, each of the two CNG refueling stations has a Gigabox® along with two double hose dispensers.

Galileo’s Gigabox CNG Compressors servicing Buscaracas at Los Ilustres Station, Caracas.

Due to the minimum area occupied by this set and no need of explosion-proof enclosure, the equipments are deployed at the “Los Ilustres” and “Las Flores” passenger stations, the ends of Line 7 of Buscaracas, the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit).

This equipment integration at the passenger terminal stations contributes to the efficient fulfillment of the buses circulation frequency by minimizing the time of supply of CNG.

Each Gigabox has an MX 400® compressor, which includes a 350 kW gas engine that provides 2,800 m3 flow per hour. Aside from the compressor, the Coldbox® and the storage battery of 3,000 liters optimize the buses fueling capacity. While the Coldbox cools the CNG before sending it to the vehicle, thus allowing the supply of a larger amount of gas to the cutting pressure, the storage battery absorbs demand peaks.

Among the refueled vehicles, there are thirty Buscaracas articulated buses of 18 meters long, 30,000 kg weight and with capacity for 160 passengers. These buses fill up 100 m3 of CNG allowing to complete, without intermediate refills, the trip along 13 stations that have a daily ridership of up to 120 thousand users.

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