CNG compressors and dispensers manufactured by Galileo expand SOCAR’s network

State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR Energy) will add thirteen new filling stations to its CNG network in Georgia.

For this expansion, Galileo will supply thirteen kits integrated by Microbox® CNG compressors, dryers and Microal® 1000 storage modules, along with twenty seven EMB-15-1-D® dispensers.

Nowadays, SOCAR’s network in Georgia is composed of ten CNG filling stations, also equipped by Galileo. Eight of them are located in Tibilisi, the capital city, and the remaining in Zestaphoni and Batumi. Hence, the new filling stations will represent a 130% growth in the SOCAR’s CNG installed capacity, which reflects consumers’ interest in vehicle conversion into cheaper fuel that is environmentally friendly.

In 2013, this upward trend accelerated its rhythm and the number of natural gas vehicles shifted from 15% to 25% of the total number of motor vehicles. This shift is even more significant if we consider that this ratio is five times bigger than in 2010, when the first SOCAR’s CNG filling station was opened.

  • New SOCAR's CNG filling station equipped by Galileo.

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