CNG / Bio-CNG Dispensers

EMB® CNG Dispensers

EMB CNG dispensers ensure a fast, safe and accurate filling. Their modularity allows for installation next to liquid fuel dispensers and integration with the station management and monitoring systems.

Standard features

Maximum Instant flow capacity: 2, 6, 12, or 19 Gasoline Gallon Equivalent per minute (GGE/min).

One or three-way priority refilling system.

Single or double-hose dispensers.

Mass metering system per hose.

Refill presetting.

Working pressure: 3,600 psi.

Cut pressure: 2,900 psi adjusted as per your requirements.

Excess flow shut-down system.

Emergency shut-down system in case of high-pressure dispatch.

Break-away valves.

Emergency shut-down system.

Approved to work in Class I, Division I areas.

Filling pressure automatic compensation system depending on the temperature.

Liquid quartz display with a price change system and indicators for: 1) Price per Gasoline Gallon Equivalent (GGE), 2) Total price of sale in $, 3) Total volume in GGE.

Ability to store previous sales, accumulated volumes and total sales information.

Capability for serial communication with station management.

Optional oil, air or water hose services available.

Surtidores de GNC/GNV de 2 mangueras, fabricados por Galileo Technologies


Surtidor de GNC/GNV de 1 manguera, fabricado por Galileo Technologies
Maximum instant flow capacity [GGE/min]
2, 6, 12 or 19
Number of priority refilling ways
1 or 3
Version per number of filling hoses
S - Single CNG hose
D - Double CNG hoses
Examples of configuration

Maximum instant flow capacity: 2 GGE/min.
One-way priority refilling system.
Two refilling hoses.
Engineered for light-duty CNG vehicles.


Maximum instant flow capacity: 6 GGE/min.
One-way priority refilling system.
Two refilling hoses.
Engineered for light-duty CNG vehicles and buses.


Maximum instant flow capacity: 12 GGE/min.
Three-way priority refilling system.
Single refilling hose.
Engineered for CNG buses and trucks.

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