Galileo finishes the commissioning of five wellhead compressors for YPF

Galileo has finished the commissioning of five Microskid Process MX 200® compressors, which will extend the service life of mature wells operated by YPF, the Argentine state-owned oil company, in the "Loma de la Lata" field, Neuquén Province, Argentina.

The Project, named “Wellhead Compression”, involves the installation of five compressors of 150 HP installed power, wholly manufactured and packaged in Argentina.

Through the use of these packaged wellhead compressors, wholly manufactured and packaged in Argentina, five low-pressure mature wells will become active and will bring a daily total flow of approximately 350,000 m3 of natural gas and 25 m3 of hydrocarbons.

These equipments have an additional reliability factor, supplied by an intelligent control system for slugging prevention. This innovative control system developed by Galileo will prevent undesired fluids from coming into the equipments, which can be severely damaged.

In turn, the modular configuration of these compressors will allow their redeployment in new operating spots once after the wells conclude their life cycle. This will be possible due to their easy connection to the wellheads by means of flexible hoses and trouble-free deployment on level ground, without the need of civil engineering.

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