Galileo launched new technologies for the production and transport of gas in 2013 CNG, Colombia

Galileo participated in the Colombian 2013 CNG, Congress and International Exhibition of Natural Gas Vehicles.

The event was held from 6 to 8 November at Las Americas Resort & Convention Center in Cartagena, Colombia. In the “New Applications of Natural Gas: Shale Gas and LNG Conference”, Osvaldo Del Campo, Galileo CEO, presented “New Technologies for the Production and Transport of Gas: LNG Wellhead Compression and Virtual Pipeline”.

“We have designed an LNG solution in a natural gas version, apt for widespread adoption and standardization in large-scale industries,” said the Argentine businessman when referring to their Cryobox® LNG-Production Station.

Galileo CEO explained that while CNG is ideal for short distances, and it has been tested and adopted worldwide, it cannot give solutions to long distance heavy vehicles, train or maritime systems. He added that the model of “Transported LNG”, popular in the 70s, is a system that cannot be massively disseminated because it involves plants that produce LNG in places of limited access to gas, which require complex logistics and high investments.

In this respect, Mr. Del Campo provided more details of the model developed by Galileo, which is already working on the Buquebus ferry between Buenos Aires and Montevideo: “the Cryobox produces gas in an area nearby where the fuel is used; it is easily installed and maintained; it is modular; it adapts to demand and it can be relocated without losing power or efficiency”.

“The Cryobox is a real product, based on an existing platform system: the Microbox®, and it produces LNG in the same way as CNG is produced in a station,” he added.

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