Galileo’s MX 1000 pipeline boosters pump more gas for households in Argentina

Once again Galileo´s compression technologies keep improving the quality of life of Argentine households: the Company has completed the commissioning of two MX 1000® re-compression stations in El Pastal, Mendoza Province.

The new units will be inaugurated soon by its operator, Ecogas, along with national and provincial authorities.

With 1340 hp compressors, they are both aimed to serve as pipeline boosters in order to keep a regular pressure of 60 bars in the bypass pipeline that serves San Juan Province, preventing a 30 bars pressure loss during the winter, when gas consumption registers its highest peak of demand.

Operating together, both stations will supply a maximum capacity of 2 million cubic meters per day, doubling the volume now offered on average by the existing distribution network. This increase will mainly benefit approximately 97,000 San Juan households connected to the network.


  • Galileo's MX 1000 Pipeline Boosters at Boosting Station, El Pastal, Mendoza Province, Argentina.
  • Galileo's MX 1000 Pipeline Boosters.
  • Galileo's Field Services personnel monitoring performance of MX 1000 Pipeline Boosters at Boosting Station in El Pastal, Mendoza, Argentina.

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