Galileo’s technology helps boost gas production in southern Argentina

Galileo Technologies launched five new Microskid Process MX 200® compression packages to service Pan American Energy (PAE) in Cerro Dragón, Province of Chubut, Argentina.

MX 200 wellhead compressors dispatched from our headquarters in Buenos Aires.

The units delivered from Galileo Technologies’ plant in the Province of Buenos Aires will add 188 HP at the wellhead. The goal is to increase the production levels of natural gas in mature areas.

With customized engineering, each compression package has an integrated liquid separation system, which allows the reinjection of liquids to the local discharge lines.

Cerro Dragon is a giant field of 3,000 km2 lying on the shores of the Gulf of San Jorge, which supplies about 17% of crude oil in Argentina. In turn, it is the fourth largest producer of conventional gas in the country and, as a result, PAE concentrates a third of its gas reserves there.

“This new operation reaffirms the confidence of one of our largest customers and will allow us to achieve a total compression capacity of 30,000 HP,” said Luis Bellina, Regional Sales Manager of Galileo Technologies for the Oil & Gas segment.

To date, Galileo Technologies has installed 135 compressor packages in the main gas areas of the country. With own manufacturing and more than 80% of national components, Galileo’s record of operational availability per unit exceeds 99%.

It should be added that Galileo recently opened the first power plant with self-supply of natural gas, located in Anchoris (Province of Mendoza), through virtual gas pipelines. The gas is transported in LNG tanker trucks from wells not connected to the pipelines and located in the Malargüe area.

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