Half the number of CNG compressors used in Argentina are manufactured by Galileo

The company, which was born at the same time as the gaseous fuel industry in the country, is the only one that offers a full range of equipment for the CNG industry.

Gas stations choose Galileo for its reliability and high-performance products. In addition to being the only company in Argentina to offer a complete range of equipment for the CNG industry, Galileo has been the global supplier and technology leader since 1987. It covers all the stages in the gaseous fuel process, from vehicle conversion to gas compression, adjustment and transport equipment.

Its leadership is clearly seen in the gas stations, where the installed equipment accounts for 50 percent of the equipment installed throughout the country during 2013. Innovative, integrated high-performance solutions and an understanding of current market needs places Galileo in a position of prestige, as the provider of the best technological resources and the foreseer of evolving trends.

Julio Rodríguez, Galileo Marketing Manager, explains that the most popular equipments in Argentina are the Microbox® packaged compressors due to their installation ease, compact design and after-sales service. Moreover, their explosion-proof enclosures do not require previous civil works, such as the construction of security bunkers, and only require network connection service, features which make the Microbox the preferred dispenser by excellence.

Additionally, its compact design, low noise and vibration levels make it possible to count on a larger surface area to add other services.

Today, both Galileo and other companies in the gas industry, are favored by the revival of the gaseous fuel. According to a National Gas Regulatory Agency report, the CNG vehicle fleet in Argentina has reached the highest peak in its 30-year history. By the same token, the number of gas stations has experienced a similar growth, comparable to the amount of stations working in 1959.

Source: Revista Surtidores

  • CNG filling station in San Martín de los Andes, equipped with CNG dispensers and compressor, wholly designed and manufactured by Galileo.

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