By turning natural gas to LNG, we built the first gas fired power plant that does not require pipelines


In Anchoris, province of Mendoza, Argentina, we built the first thermoelectric power plant fed by liquefied natural gas (LNG) sourced from wells that are not connected to any pipeline network. Operated by Methax, a Galileo Company, this is the first Gas-to-Power pipeline-free experience developed worldwide.

At its early stage, the new station will provide 41 megawatts (MW) to cover the needs of 125 thousand inhabitants. This non-diesel power generation will reduce CO2 emissions by 30%, using over 200 thousand cubic meters (m3/d) daily of natural gas which was previously off-system.


With Gas 3.0, we produce energy right from the wells and no transportation pipeline is required

We produce LNG on-site

Our Cryobox-Trailer stations liquefy natural gas at those wells which are not connected to pipelines or a gathering infrastructure. We supply clean and cheap energy with untapped resources to existing and new consumers.


We transport LNG

With our Virtual Pipeline, we transport liquefied natural gas (LNG) through the road network. Directly from the well to the main gas pipelines or to those who can use LNG as a cheap and plentiful fuel:

  • Power stations
  • Remote communities
  • Heavy-duty vehicles
  • Industries


Thanks to Gas 3.0 Solutions or Third Generation Gas we reach disperse sources of natural gas

Our Gas 3.0 Solutions allow us to prevent scale conditioning of gas wells. High production and demand levels are no longer required to exploit and transport natural gas in a feasible way. By turning natural gas to LNG, we provide new energy for new consumers.

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