LNG: Galileo showcased its Cryobox technology at the AOG2013

The company was part of the Argentina Oil & Gas Expo 2013, which took place from October 7 to 10 at La Rural trade fair, in Buenos Aires.

At its booth, Galileo exhibited its latest and new product: Cryobox® LNG-Production Station. Besides, it presented the possibilities of this new small-scale LNG solution when complemented with its wellhead compressors, gas lift, gathering and Virtual Pipeline®.

Being a modular and portable technology, the Cryobox station can be installed in remote wells to transform the gas into LNG, thereby facilitating distribution by road through the Virtual Pipeline system. In turn, thanks to the energy density of LNG, this system improves its limit in distance and capacity compared to the transportation of CNG.

The company’s participation in the Oil & Gas Expo also included CEO of Galileo Osvaldo del Campo’s presentation, who talked about “New technologies for the production and transportation of gas: LNG, Wellhead Compression and Virtual Pipeline.” He referred to the different value chains that such equipment can offer in the gas production and distribution. Moreover, Sergio Salvai, Sales Manager of Galileo, was the main speaker at the “Domestic natural gas compressors” conference.

During this event, del Campo was interviewed by NGVJournal about his expectations for the Cryobox units after the launch of LNG-powered “Francisco”. “We aim to change the paradigm. The gas industry requires new solutions and our Cryobox assimilates the gas at the same logistics organization of liquid fuels because it converts it into a liquid fuel. That shortens distances, and makes that all kinds of applications that now consume liquid fuels can be used with gas and with very low barriers,” he explained.

Source: NGV Journal

  • Nanoil® wellhead compressor.

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