LNG: Galileo Technologies is among those shortlisted for the World LNG Summit 2016 Awards.

Galileo Technologies has been shortlisted for the CWC LNG Technological Innovation Award, which will be awarded to a company that, through technological improvement or change, has made a fundamental change in the production, transportation or regasification of LNG.

The awarding will be held during the next edition of the World LNG Summit, which will take place on December 12-15, 2016, at the Arts Hotel, in Barcelona, Spain.

Reason for this nomination

Galileo Technologies has been nominated for the introduction of its Distributed LNG Production Solutions, which liquefy every type of gas right at the source in any location, and enable distribution logistics that are equal to liquid fuels.

This makes clean gas fuels available without the need of laying pipelines, extending the reach of current natural gas infrastructure or shortening the distance between new gas sources and consumers.

These cutting-edge LNG solutions are part of the new Gas 3.0 technologies engineered by Galileo to take natural gas and biomethane benefits to new consumers.

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