NGV2014 Brussels: the Cryobox is one of the key proposals to develop global LNG and CNG fueling infrastructure

On Thursday 10, NGV2014 Brussels kicked off with the last workshop of the event: "Fuel Infrastructure".

Facilitated by Scott Foster, Sustainable Energy Division Director from UNECE, the session intended to deepen into the understanding of the various possibilities and alternatives of the current gas production (from conventional and non-conventional sources, and from biogas plants), whose spectrum is becoming wider, as well as supply capacity.

As the last speaker of this session, Osvaldo Del Campo (Argentina), GNC Galileo CEO and Chief of Technology, presented “Galileo’s Nano Stations: Bringing LNG and CNG Production into Consumer’s Hands”.

Del Campo focused on the company’s most innovative product, the Cryobox® LNG-Production Station, a modular and portable technology that can be installed in remote, mature wells to transform the gas into LNG, thereby facilitating distribution by road through the Virtual Pipeline® system.

  • Osvaldo Del Campo, Galileo CEO and Chief of Technology, presented Galileo’s Nano Stations: Bringing LNG and CNG Production into Consumer’s Hands.
  • NGV 2014 Brussels

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