Posidonia 2014: Cryobox was presented as an LNG bunkering solution

Kaminco, Galileo's bunkering solutions supplier in Greece and Cyprus, presented the Cryobox® LNG Production Station before the international naval community at Posidonia 2014.

Considered one of the most prestigious maritime events, Posidonia  2014  took place from  June 2 to 6 at the Athens Metropolitan Expo, Greece, attracting visitors from 92 countries.

“The capacity of Cryobox to offer LNG under IMO standards at competitive costs is very promising news in the development of Posidonia’s technology,” said Sotirios Kaminos, Kaminco CEO.

“Galileo’s innovation is a flexible turnkey solution as it can be installed quickly on a small plant to produce LNG at  the required volume, within a wide range of inlet pressures and multiple gas sources,”  he added.

“Kaminco has fifty years’ experience in the engineering of cutting-edge products for the marine industry, which has allowed us to build an excellent team to respond to a highly demanding market in the area of innovation and services,” concluded  Osvaldo Del Campo, CEO Galileo.

  • Posidonia 2014, Athenes, Greece.

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