Titan NGV Fueling installed a Gigabox CNG compressor at its new station

With expected high demand, Titan NGV Fueling installed a Gigabox® CNG compressor at the recently inaugurated CNG station located at 24201 of El Toro Road, just off the 5 Interstate Freeway Exit, in the city of Lake Forest, CA.

This 440 HP power unit is one of Galileo’s top end CNG compressors. It combines a compression capacity of 7.6 GGE/min and a discharge pressure of 4,500 psi with an internal storage tank of 250 GGE, designed pursuant to ASME standards. This is the first CNG compressor of its kind in the USA.

“We chose Galileo because the Gigabox offers a high volume fast fill at periods of peak demand. With our Galileo equipment, 24-hour service, and easy access to the freeway, we believe Titan at El Toro sets the new standard for CNG fueling in the area.” highlighted Kirk Honour, CEO at FirstCNG LLC, the controlling company of Titan NGV Fueling, during the station opening.

The CNG equipment provided by Galileo includes a Gigabox compressor with a built-in single tower gas dryer to eliminate gas water content. Galileo also supplied two, high speed EMB® dispensers to guarantee ideal performance.

Gabriel Lorenzi, Regional Sales Manager at Galileo Technologies, states, “This Galileo station has state-of-the-art gas processing, compression, charging speed, and business monitoring. Its location and efficiency will help support the growth of the CNG industry, and provide an additional reason for companies to consider changing their fleets to operate on CNG.”

From its inception, this project has been eagerly anticipated due to its low impact on greenhouse gas emissions and particulate matter. Both the California Energy Commission and the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee granted funds for the project.

About FirstCNG LLC

Based in Wayzata, Minneapolis, FirstCNG LLC provides clean fuel solutions through Galileo Technologies’ CNG compressors, liquefaction Nano Stations and the Virtual Pipeline®. It also runs its own CNG fueling stations company, Titan NGV Fueling.

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