Hydrogen Fueling Station

One of the main gaps between consumers and fuel-cell propelled vehicles (FCVs) is the absence of infrastructure for hydrogen (H2) refueling. At Galileo, we have always sought to overcome the chicken or the egg dilemmas by betting on technology. The H-Patagonia™ Hydrogen Fueling Station offers compression, storage, and fast-fill for light vehicles or fleets of buses, trucks, boats, or other fuel-cell propelled vehicles (FCVs).

Equipped with two dispensing nozzles for H2 compressed at 35 and 70 megapascals (MPa), H-Patagonia’s three minute refueling speed puts hydrogen ahead of other zero-emission options.

FCVs do not emit greenhouse gases (GHG), particulates, sulfur oxides (SOx) or ground-level ozone (O3)—only water vapor. H-Patagonia will support the innovation and development of new FCV technology for consumers.


“We have a total commitment to decarbonization and making progress in the energy transition.”

Osvaldo del Campo, CEO of Galileo Technologies

A turnkey fueling solution

  • Compact design
  • Plug-and-play configuration
  • Installation & Technical Support
  • 24/7 operation monitoring
  • +30 years of gas compression experience