CNG/Bio-CNG Compression


The filling solution for large CNG stations

Our Gigabox CNG compressor packages are intrinsically safe and do not require concrete walls around the perimeter. A gas reciprocating compressor, a pressure regulation plant, electrical board and a measuring system are combined into a single module and require simply a single authorization. As a result, our plug-and-play configuration simply requires a small amount of space and allows for high-rise installations in CNG filling stations and in a variety of other industries.

Main features

The standard Gigabox configurations are designed to offer fast installation and high availability rates at low operation and maintenance costs.

The Gigabox units are equipped with an armored cabin that features all the elements required for a safe operation. Installation and commissioning only takes 10 days and can be authorized by a single party*.

*Compared to the commissioning of traditional compressors that take 40-90 days of civil works, electromechanical installations and the integration and enablement of multiple third-party components.
Modularity and multiple applications
The Gigabox modular configuration facilitates the capacity scalability depending upon increase in demand, as well as the gas compression requirements of CNG filling stations, industrial plants, Virtual Pipeline™ mother stations, biomethane plants or for peak shaving applications.
Compact design
Without the need of a bunker construction, the Gigabox’s compact and intrinsically safe structure requires only a few square feet for operation and maintenance. Furthermore, high-rise installations are possible due to their skid assembly and low vibration rate.
Wide range of inlet pressures
Our MX Compressors work with inlet pressures that range from approximately 0.1 to 60 bar. These gas reciprocating compressors adapt to different conditions and ensure the required CNG flow rate. In addition, the inlet pressures are kept constant by an axial flow regulator that does not affect the CNG flow.
Cold CNG
The Gigabox units dispatch cold CNG at a pressure of 250 bar. Every cold CNG refilling increases volume and improves the NGV cylinder’s capacity performance. In addition, they offer an optional system for high-rate dispatch stations that further reduces CNG temperature and increases the supply volume per refilling.
Priority panel
A single or multiple path panel manages the CNG flow and offers an optimal dispatch capacity as well as efficient storage management.
Coalescing filter
A built-in coalescing filter is incorporated and ensures CNG with minimum levels of oil. Oil Free compressors are also available for heavy-duty applications.
Programmable and unloaded start-up
The MX Compressor start-up and stop parameters can be adjusted to consumption levels. In addition, integrated by-pass valves unload the compressor gas before stopping, thus reducing power consumption and equipment wear.
Reduced power consumption
The direct coupling of the MX Compressors to the main drive reduces power consumption by 6%, compared to the power usage of traditional transmission belt systems.
Vibration free
The laser shaft-alignment technology applied to the compressor-engine assembly alleviates the need for anti-vibration systems.
Programmable alerts and 24/7 monitoring
Complemented by our proprietary SCADA system, a set of programmable alerts guarantees immediate preventive and corrective action on all operating parameters.
Air cooling system
The CNG cylinders and refrigeration system configuration eliminates the need for high-cost water cooling systems.
Integrated lubrication management system
Pre-lubrication pump
Ensures optimal lubrication even under intermittent operating conditions.
Automatic oil replenishment system
Provides you at least 7 days of unmanned operations.
Hydrates and oil purge system
Automates one of the most important maintenance operations.
Controlled lubrication
Minimal oil injection by lubrication blocks ensuring the maximum protection of the equipment.

Ficha técnica

Fuel productionCompressed Natural Gas (CNG)
Compressed Biomethane Gas (Bio-CNG/CBM/CBG)
Rated power (kW)75-400
Suction pressure (bar)0.1-60
Discharge pressure (bar)250-350
Flow (Sm3/h)300-10,000
Internal storage capacity (litres)1,000
DimensionsLength (m) 8.800
Length with open doors (m) 9.100
Width (m) 2.200
Width with open doors(m) 5.725
Height (m) 2.800
Weight (t)21
UsersMedium and large fleets
CNG public and private filling stations
Peak shaving applications
Industrial facilities
Virtual Pipeline™ system mother stations
Biomethane plants
OperationRemote monitoring
Compliance with international standards
Low maintenance
Low operating cost
Length, power and storage capacity expressed above apply to the Gigabox standard version equipped with an MX 400 compressor. These values may vary according to the compressor and the storage capacity required. The configuration does not include a biogas upgrading system. Galileo Technologies S.A. reserves the right to modify, add or remove any part or feature described herein without prior notice.
Paquete Compresor de GNC/GNV Gigabox - Galileo Technologies Paquete de Compresión de GNC/GNV Gigabox de Galileo Technologies

Optional features

Our customized configurations maximize Gigabox's benefits and boost your operation profitability.

Energy efficiency
Power savings with Enersave™
Our proprietary Enersave system adjusts power consumption to CNG demand, thus reducing your power costs by 50%.

High pressure kit*
Working at a 350 bar pressure, this kit greatly increases CNG storage capacity.

* The use of this kit depends on the pressure levels authorized by local regulations.

Variable speed fans
Fan speed varies depending on the gas temperature, thus reducing the noise level, start-up peaks and power consumption.
Optimized filling
Enhanced dispatch with Coldbox™
Coldbox reduces the heat that is generated when refueling. This results in a 15% increase in dispatched CNG, saving you on operating costs.

Oil-free compressors
Oil-free piston rings and piston rod packings are available for special applications.
Compliance with local regulations
Components are in compliance with CE and UL standards
Provided upon your request.
Gas motor
Gas motor
Provided upon your request.

Gas-actuated valves
Gas-actuated valves eliminate the need for external supply of compressed air.
Emergency storage venting
Automatic safety system immediately activates gas storage vents.

Gas leak sensors
Gas sensors that monitor in-cabin gas leaks.

Fire protection system
The fire protection system prevents, alerts and extinguishes fires, saving lives and assets.
Environmental quality
The soundproofing systems reduce the cabin noise levels to 75 decibels (dB).