About us

We have been developing goods and services for more than thirty years to make the production, transportation and consumption of natural gas, biomethane and hydrogen more economically viable. Through our unconventional solutions, we offer efficient energy in 70 countries with responses tailored to each of our clients, reducing their operating costs and monetizing new gas sources, the clear objective always being to help them improve their competitiveness and environmental quality.

Our Gas 3.0 Vision

Our aim with Third-Generation Gas technologies is to bring the benefits of natural gas and biomethane to new consumers without pipelines and regardless of the size of the sources, thus incorporating resources formerly outside of gas transport systems.

We work with passion

We are engineers and technicians who develop solutions for all the gas value chains. Tuning in to our customers’ challenges has led to our being recognized as leaders in the introduction of technologies for gas in all its forms, such as our Galileo Compressors.

Our job improves the life of millions

Being called on to overcome limits in the supply of energy fills us with pride, particularly when we illuminate the life of cities, connecting them with clean fuels, driving their industries or bringing them heat.

From the beginning

In 1984 we were the pioneers of an idea:CNG as a clean and economical and fuel for Argentina.We founded Galileo in 1987 and have not stopped innovating since then; now we have became a world-wide company. Distributed LNG Production and Virtual Pipeline are technological milestones in our work.

We provide global solutions

Success Stories