RNG from landfills and sewer systems

We make cities sustainable by transforming emissions into clean energy.

Landfill emissions make up around 15% of the methane emissions in the United States. Our Cryobox-Bio™ solution is designed to help cities and towns capture these emissions and turn them into Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). The system includes upgrading, polishing, and liquefaction processes for biogas from landfills and water treatment plants, and with our skid-mounted, plug-and-play technology, we can provide scalable 360° solutions that will truly inspire communities as they move towards a more sustainable future.
Thanks to our Cryobox-Bio solution we can inject large volumes of high commercial quality Bio-LNG into the energy of cities. So that the RNG is the fuel of renewable electricity generation, sustainable mobility or heating in homes.

We can treat all forms of biogas

Our processes are suitable for any biogas sourced from landfills or wastewater, and we can provide upgrading, polishing, and liquefaction solutions to guarantee an efficient and competitive source of Bio-LNG.

So that the biogas can be liquified, our polishing unit extracts any carbon dioxide (C2O) and water (H2O) that was not eliminated during upgrading. This process takes place in the adsorption towers using a molecular sieve. Once the filtered CO2 and H2O have saturated the tower’s adsorption capacity, it shuts down so that it can automatically regenerate itself, and the next tower takes over the polishing process. This continuous cycle provides a high flow rate of RNG of more than 99% methane.


Our original Cryobox™ liquefaction technology combines the compression and cooling stages to reach the supercritical conditions required to later reduce the pressure and achieve liquefaction. This thermally integrated process reduces energy consumption and can produce up to 15 tons of liquid RNG (Bio-LNG) per day.

Scalable technology

We have designed the upgrading, polishing, and liquefaction processes in a modular way so that capacity can be easily scaled depending on the flow rate of the raw biogas. With our standardized plug-and-play configuration, it is easy and economical to add additional modules to expand capacity.

Rapid start-up

The Cryobox-Bio system can start from cold with no efficiency or energy losses and be up and running at maximum production in just 10 minutes. This clearly provides the flexibility to control production in accordance with the flow rate of available biogas.

Technology & services for your entire renewable value chain

Count on our technology and services to bring your Bio-LNG to the energy transition market.

We build storage systems ready to grow

Our cryogenic iso-tanks create modular systems for Bio-LNG storage.

24/7 support for your turnkey solution

We don’t just sell technology; we provide a service. We will be with you 24/7, monitoring key parameters through our SCADA system and providing on-the-ground support to keep your uptime as high as possible.

We help you to monetize your RNG

If you’re thinking about monetizing your RNG, we have the technology to help you take the next step. With our Virtual Pipeline, we can transport your RNG by truck in the form of Bio-LNG in cryogenic iso-tanks. We then regasify it at either fixed or mobile terminals for injection into natural gas pipelines or supply it to communities and industrial consumers. We can convert it into vehicle fuel at our Smart Stations for filling LNG and LCNG for all types of vehicle fleets (NGVs). And we do all this while offering scalability and constant remote monitoring of every step in the chain.

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