MX 1000®

Wide range of suction and discharge pressures

A high-power classic and modular solution for Gathering Services

This natural gas compression package includes an MX 1000 reciprocating compressor and offers a wide range of suction and discharge pressures. This results in three modules that can be easily relocated and installed without civil work or auxiliary equipment. Thus, a fast connection and commissioning ensure an effective response to every challenge.

Main features

Tailored engineering
Components engineered and manufactured by Galileo Technologies, which ensures an operating availability rate higher than 99%, uninterrupted operations for 3 years and spare parts permanent stock
  • 1, 2, 3 and 4-stage MX 1000 reciprocating compressor with exchangeable sliding fit liners to reduce maintenance costs and time
  • Pressure vessels designed in compliance with ASME IX standards
  • Pipes designed in compliance with ASME B31.3 standards
  • Fin tube heat exchangers designed in compliance with the TEMA code
  • Electrical control board (ECB)
  • Automatic oil replenishment system
Electrical or Gas engine of up to 2000 hp, supplied by the leading manufacturers in the market
Compressor-engine assembly aligned with laser technology to reduce vibration
Packaged as per local integration requirements or client specifications
Compliance with codes and standards
  • ASME
  • API 618 and API 11P
  • ISO 9001
  • NEC
  • NACE
  • GOST
  • EU regulations
    • IEC
    • PED
    • ATEX
Remote monitoring via our SCADA proprietary system, ensuring an immediate preventive and corrective action
  • Operation and interstage pressures
  • Compression cycle suction and discharge temperatures
  • Engine operating parameters
  • Explosive atmosphere
  • Vibration sensor on the compressor throws
Scalability as per production demand
Turn-key solution through Galileo Rental
  • Equipment rental
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Operation
  • Maintenance
Dimensions and weight Length (ft) 38.9 / Width (ft) 29.5 m / Height (ft) 13.1 / Weight (tons) 55.1

Note: The dimensions and weight expressed above apply to the Standard MX 1000® Compression Package equipped with a 1500 hp gas engine and cooler. Galileo Technologies S.A. reserves the right to modify, add or delete any part or feature described herein without prior notice.

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