MX Compressors

In the heart of every compression package

Our MX reciprocating compressors have proven to be robust and efficient through millions of hours of operation. Engineered and manufactured by Galileo Technologies under the API 618 and API 11P standards, their 2 to 4 throws and 1 to 5 stages configuration allow operations at:
  • 100 to 1600 bhp power range
  • A minimum suction pressure of 7 psig and a discharge pressure of up to 4,500

MX 200

N° of throws:2
Rated power:300 bhp
Throw:3,00” (76.2 mm) @1800 rpm
3,50” (88.90 mm) @1500 rpm

MX 400

N° of throws:4
Rated Power:600 bhp
Throw:3,00” (76.2 mm) @1800 rpm
3,50” (88.90 mm) @1500 rpm

MX 1000

N° of throws:4
Rated Power:1600 bhp
Throws:4,35” (110 mm) @1500 rpm / 4,90” (125 mm) @1200 rpm

Advantages of the MX Gas Reciprocating Compressors

Maximum standardization
We have more than 100 options in order to meet most inlet pressures and flow combinations.
An availability rate higher than 99%
Our MX compressors are designed to minimize downtime, maintenance, and allow the individual dismantling and repair of every component without affecting the rest of the equipment.

The following features are applied to our equipment:

  • High hardness nodular cast iron cylinder walls with removable sliding fit liners that avoid full replacement.
  • Ionic-nitride sliding fit liners and shanks that reduce wear and prevent rust, thus extending the shelf life.
  • The piston and wear rings are made of PEEK and reinforced with carbon fiber, PTFE and molybdenum disulfide in order to improve their strength.
Low vibration rate
Vibrations are reduced to minimal levels through the rigid design of the frame and the balancing of rotating and reciprocating masses.

Furthermore, each throw includes a vibration sensor connected to the SCADA proprietary system to prevent:

  • Loose or broken bolts
  • Excessive movements between connective bolts
  • Loose or worn out rod nuts
  • Liquids or waste in the cylinders
  • Worn out connecting rods or shanks
  • Marks on the cylinder
  • Excessive movement between the crosshead and its guide
  • Other worn out parts
Direct coupling
Compared to transmission belt systems, direct coupling between compressors and engines reduces consumption by more than 6%.
Forged steel crankshaft and connecting rods
SAE 4140 forged steel crankshaft and connecting rods offer maximum resistance.
Controlled lubrication
A pump ensures the right flow of oil at every end of the compressor and guarantees lubrication of the tri-metal bearings that hold the crankshaft and the connecting rods.

For maximum protection, each lubrication block can be monitored from the control panel of the package.

Self-resettable lubrication safety systems
The absence of rupture disks ensures the compressor's automatic functioning.
High flow cylinders
The nodular cast iron cylinder walls are air-cooled and lubricated by a direct oil injection in order to minimize pressure losses.

This configuration maximizes volume performance and increases the flow at low load levels and with small-sized pistons.

Preventive action is possible through fast and accurate thermographies which are conducted from large windows that grant access to every mobile component of the compressor.