Virtual Pipeline

We bring gas beyond the pipelines

Our Virtual PipelineTM connects consumers with several gas sources, surpassing the reach of conventional pipelines and providing energy to isolated regions. This technology allows to compress and transport gas by road and to deliver it at the right pressure and according to the demand from the consumers.


Our Virtual Pipeline expands the reach of the natural gas distribution infrastructure in order to enhance our customers’ business.

At the Pamporovo Alpine Ski Resort in Bulgaria, the arrival of the Virtual Pipeline made it possible to lay a local gas distribution network to guarantee heating and comfort for hotels, stores and restaurants.

A groundbreaknig response

When it comes challenging terrain, long distances or the lack of large consumption centers, the installation of conventional pipelines becomes unfeasible. Under these conditions, the Virtual Pipeline’s VST™ trailers connect consumers to the gas network last miles, gas fields or biodigesters. Hence, it is possible to set up distribution networks, which can boost the reach of gas sources in a radius of up to 310 miles, taking advantage of the existing road networks.


Gas transport competitiveness

The efficiency of the Virtual Pipeline exceeds other means of road transportation of gas. Unlike traditional tube-trailers, VST trailers divide their Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) load into MAT™ containers of 280-420 GGE that can be distributed separately. This way, each consumption center receives MATs according to the daily gas demand, eliminating the cost of transporting unnecessary supplies.

El Gasoducto Virtual transporte de GNC por carretera - Galileo Technologies
We bring gas beyond the pipelines

Our Virtual Pipeline provides energy efficiency through customizable supply.

Access to gas networks supplied by the Virtual Pipeline allows users to meet their whole range of needs and save on fuel and energy costs.

Sistema SCADA de Galileo Technologies
Continuous and monitored supply

Under 24/7 monitoring, the Virtual Pipeline replicates the same supply conditions of a direct connection to the public gas grid. Every time the MAT unit meter indicates low gas level, the system receives an automatic refill order.

Scalability and reduced operating costs

System modularity at every stage allows the Virtual Pipeline to increase its capacity to the pace of the demand, without causing an impact on operating costs and investment.

Integration of new gas sources to the system

In the oil and gas industry, natural gas producers can use the Virtual Pipeline to reach consumers directly, making it profitable to exploit wells located outside the system due to its maturity or its dispersion in vast regions. Additionally, it can reduce the necessary investment in gathering operations carried out under those conditions. In the case of agricultural-livestock producers, the Virtual Pipeline can be used to monetize gas production from biodigestors.

Cost savings and access to clean fuel

The Virtual Pipeline helps replace the consumption of traditional fuels, such as gasoline, diesel oil, fuel oil, and LPG, among others. This change results in pollution reduction and fuel cost savings.


Our Virtual Pipeline replaces bottled gas for a greater comfort and quality of life.

Thousands of families living far away from gas pipelines may now have hot water, cook and heat their homes on an ongoing basis.

How it works

The Virtual Pipeline connects gas sources to consumers. This technology allows the road distribution of gas at the pressure levels and conditions demanded by the end consumers.

Our Technologies

MAT GNC containers - Galileo Technologies

MAT Technology:
storage and gas transport flexibility

The MAT, Cryo-MAT and MAT-B containers are the core of the system, and they allow to set up flexible service ranges for different types of consumers, whether their demand is characterized by gas volume, logistics or place of consumption. Their safety mechanisms meet the highest global standards for natural gas transport and storage devices:

  • Venting channeling system.
  • Fireproof protective shield.
  • Compliance with local regulations.
Contenedores MAT de GNC: almacenan 1500 Nm3 - Galileo Technologies

MAT containers are designed for low or moderate consumption. It can store up to 420 GGE of ambient temperature CNG at a pressure of 3625 psi.

Contenedores Cryo-MAT de GNC frío: almacenan 40% más - Galileo Technologies

Cryo-MAT™ containers are the response to meet moderate to high consumption. Its storage capacity exceeds that of MAT by 40%: due to its insulation coating, it can store 588 GGE of CNG at -4 °F at a pressure of 3625 psi. This feature translates into an efficiency bonus: less freights and less logistics-related costs. Its use complements the features of the cryogenic cooling system ColdBox™, developed by Galileo Technologies to increase the ratio between compression and volume of gas dispatched at the CNG load.

MAT-B: almacenamiento y despacho de GNC - Galileo Technologies

Focused on small consumers, MAT-B™ containers offer the greatest range of MAT technology flexibility. Equipped with a recompression booster and a pump, MAT-B allow to distribute CNG in bulk. It also allows to transform VST trailers into mobile CNG stations to supply transport fleets, both at specific load points as well as during their journey. These features are combined with greater transport capacities when a MAT-B unit is accompanied by one, two or three MATs.


Mini-MAT™ containers are ultra-compact fixed storage modules installed at the consumption point to complement the distribution features of bulk gas from the MAT-B in weekly replenishment cycles. They can be directly hitched to the MAT-B, store up to 21 GGE of CNG at a pressure of 3625 psi, and provide gas under the right conditions for consumption. Thus, Mini-MAT contains in a single unit all the features of the equipment that comprise a daughter station, minimizing investment and providing a customized response to the demand of small consumers.

VST trailers for natural gas transport - Galileo Technologies

VST Trailers:
miles of gas distribution without pipelines

The VST trailers are the mobile platform for the Virtual Pipeline. Constructed to endure long-haul journeys and the average speed of heavy-duty transport, VST presents specific setups to carry two, three, four and even six MATs in the case of the B-train version. These multiple variations regarding transport capacity are complemented with additional equipment that ensure the right solution for every gas distribution system.

Hoist system

The standard VST versions have a hoist system to make the exchange of a single MATs easier, and thus, providing a fitting response to low to moderate consumption levels.

Loading and unloading column

For higher consumption levels, “VST-F” versions are available with loading and unloading column capability for a direct connection in every station. This feature allows to replace the whole trailer instead of replacing each MAT.

Workforce at a minimum level

Pursuant to the principle of keeping the system’s workforce at a minimum level, all connection and/or exchange operations of the MATs or trailers only require the assistance of the truck driver.

MAT-B: estación de GNC móvil - Galileo Technologies
CNG in bulk

For CNG distribution in bulk, a MAT-B equipped with a booster and a pump takes up the first position in the trailer, turning it into a mobile CNG station.


Our Virtual Pipeline helps preserve the environment.

In Borneo, we have replaced expensive and polluting fuels with natural gas. That is how we deliver energy to industries and contribute to protect the Sabah jungles, one of the main tourist attractions in the region and the basic source of income for its communities.

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