LNG: “the Cryobox will generate broad world demand”

Said Buquebus President Juan Carlos López Mena.

“I wish to give full credit to the Argentine company, Galileo, which has supplied us with a liquefaction plant in modules. Its technology and design are entirely Argentine and it will surely generate great world demand,” Buquebus President Juan Carlos López Mena, stressed in his opening speech at Francisco’s ship christening ceremony held on Monday, September 30th.

At an interview after the event, López Mena referred to the Cryobox® LNG-Production Station as the sole equipment that can be transported to wellheads anywhere in the world, regardless of distance; gas is liquefied and its volume reduced 600 times, which makes it easy to carry in trucks to their points of destination, at a very low cost.

It’s a real breakthrough in the field of technology. We were about to buy from USA a project which involved a huge liquefaction plant. We met Galileo’s team and they showed us that their undertaking is far more efficient,” he concluded.

  • Juan Carlos López Mena, Chairman of Buquebus.

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