Galileo draws the attention of the 2013 ACT Expo attendees with its Cryobox LNG-Station

Galileo was present at the 2013 ACT Expo which took place at the Walter E. Convention Center, in Washington DC, USA from 24th to 27th June, 2013.

The event commemorated the 20th anniversary of the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Clean Cities program, which has played a significant role in driving the use of clean fuels and vehicles.

During the event, Galileo showcased its latest product release, the Cryobox® LNG-Production Station, which is capable of supplying an output of both LNG and CNG simultaneously.

“This technology is a paradigm shift,” stressed Mr. Osvaldo del Campo, Galileo’s CEO. “Firstly, when small-scale LNG seemed to be out of reach, transportation companies can now become their own fuel suppliers by simply plugging the Cryobox into the gas network”.

“Secondly, any gas released during LNG storage is reprocessed by an automatic boil-off recovery system which eliminates venting, overcoming a huge environmental objection to this kind of equipments”.

“Thirdly, dual stations still have a preposterous production process of getting CNG from LNG vaporization. Cryobox simplifies this through its distributed production process, giving consumers the most suitable clean fuel on demand: CNG for urban vehicles and LNG for long-haul transport fleets. Thus saving energy, time and money,” he concluded.

“The Cryobox has been received with great expectations at the ACT Expo and we hope to strongly contribute to the increasing adoption of clean transportation in America,” added Mr. Rick Costigliolo, Executive Vice-President of Galileo US.

  • 2013 Alternative Clean Transportation Expo.

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