The Virtual Pipeline to make CNG more accessible in the United States

A new company, Mobile Fueling Solutions (MFS), today announced that it is bringing a new technology to the United States that will make widespread conversion to CNG by America's fleet owners both practical and economical: the Virtual Pipeline® engineered by Galileo.

West Nyack, New York – A major obstacle to more widespread adoption of CNG by fleets has been the lack of an accessible fueling infrastructure.  “The benefits of fueling fleets with natural gas are clear.  But, what comes first: the chicken or the egg?  Converting vehicles or having the fueling infrastructure in place to support them?  We have the complete solution thanks to the Virtual Pipeline technology designed by Galileo” remarked Dean Sloane, CEO of Mobile Fueling Solutions.

“The Virtual Pipeline is an easy to implement and scalable solution, which will enable many more fleets to access the significant savings and environmental benefits afforded by CNG.  With limited or no capital expenditure, MFS provides fleet owners the opportunity to test and deploy a comprehensive CNG solution with minimal risk, thereby greatly simplifying the decision making process.”

Unlike any existing CNG fueling solution in the United States, the Virtual Pipeline utilizes existing stations and infrastructure to deliver CNG to your location in modular containers (MAT®) transported by road on specially designed trailers.

“Our ability to bring CNG fuel to your site and vehicles requires minimal or no capital expense or infrastructure commitment.  This will significantly advance the natural gas industry and proliferation of NGV fleet vehicles.”

“Our Virtual Pipeline offers two options: on-site fueling or a module delivery system.  Similar to wet hosing, MFS can fuel vehicles directly from their MAT modules thanks to a built-in compression and filling system with the capacity to meet a fleet’s demand in a single trip.  Additionally, MFS can install a CNG fueling dispenser at desired sites allowing fleets to use the mobile fueling MAT module itself as a fixed station.”

“We have identified a major roadblock to the adoption of CNG as a fleet fuel.  Our Virtual Pipeline is the answer.  We can now provide a truly complete, end-to-end solution for our customers.  No longer does the CNG industry need to ask, What comes first, the chicken or the egg?,” Sloane concluded.

  • MAT-B® modules with built-in compression and filling system used by MFS' Virtual Pipeline to offer on-site fueling or a module delivery system.


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