Galileo Technologies prepares for a new edition of Argentina Oil & Gas Expo

The company will offer its innovative compression, CNG, LNG, Bio-LNG and Bio-CNG solutions in September in Buenos Aires.

Galileo Technologies confirmed its presence at Argentina Oil & Gas Expo 2023

Galileo Technologies confirmed its presence at Argentina Oil & Gas Expo 2023.

Galileo Technologies confirmed its presence at Argentina Oil & Gas Expo 2023 that will take place from September 11 to 14 at La Rural Predio Ferial, Buenos Aires. At stand 1B-20 of the Blue Pavilion, the company will display its complete portfolio of solutions: plug-and-play compression packages, distributed CNG and LNG production, renewable energies (Biomethane and Hydrogen) and Virtual Pipeline®.

“Once again we will be part of the largest exhibition of the Argentine energy industry. We will deploy our modular technology for the production and transportation of CNG and LNG, as well as biomethane and hydrogen renewable energy.”

Said Ezequiel Lago, Global Marketing Manager of Galileo Technologies.

In addition, the stand will have the presence of specialized personnel to advise on the turnkey solutions that the company offers, operation and maintenance services in the main basins of the country and in the world.


Juan Ojanguren, Vice President of Galileo Energía, will give a lecture called “Integral Solutions for Distributed LNG Production” on September 11th at 6:00 p.m. in Auditorium B. There, the key aspects related to the production, distribution, storage and regasification of LNG, elements that play a fundamental role in the current configuration of the energy panorama.

Solutions for each gas project

At the main event for the hydrocarbons industry in the region, Galileo Technologies will offer its visitors information on the following solutions:

  • MX Compressor Packages to provide Distributed Compression, Wellhead, Gas-lift or Gathering services.
  • Biomethane solutions, which transform waste from the agricultural and livestock industries, landfills and wastewater treatment into Bio-CNG and Bio-LNG.
  • Distributed Compression based on its plug-and-play compressors, whose modular and transportable configuration rapidly increases production levels in mature wells, minimizing Gathering and tubing requirements.
  • EOR [Enhanced Oil Recovery] or Tertiary Recovery solutions, designed to extend the life of wells and increase the production of unconventional hydrocarbons through the injection of natural gas.
  • Virtual Pipeline®, its technology allows gas to be compressed, transported by route and delivered at the pressure required by its customers, without the need to invest in a conventional gas pipeline.
  • Galileo Rental dedicated to offering rentals of gas compression, liquefaction and Hydrogen equipment; operation and maintenance services for your fleet.


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