CNG Case study: Madrid’s Municipal Transport Company (EMT) Sanchinarro Operation Center

Galileo has designed and built the largest and fastest CNG station in Europe, equipping it with Microcore® MSP330 CNG Compressors and EMB® Dispensers.

Madrid City Council has chosen the field of mobility and transport as one of the main areas to develop its environmental policy, which is aimed at substantial improvements in the quality of the air and the citizens’ life.

The adoption of CNG was intended to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides by 108 thousand pounds (lbs) (54 tons) approximately, and to lower particulates by an estimate of 8 000 lbs (4 tons) and CO2 emissions between 15 and 20%.

The significant change the city of Madrid and EMT pursued involved the construction of the necessary public infrastructure to ensure the daily performance of the new vehicles.


  • Madrid buses refueled with CNG by EMB® dispensers.
  • EMB® CNG pumps in nine refueling streets for quick bus dispatch. The Common Manifold® direct filling technology and the MSP330 packaged Microcore® compressors guarantee their simultaneous operation.
  • The CNG station can supply up to 400 buses in less than a three-hour and a half operation.
  • Madrid City Council decided to reduce the environmental impact of its bus fleet by means of t of modern NGVs.

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