Galileo breaks new record in CNG supply for power generation

The Indonesian state-owned electricity company PT PLN has opened a new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Storage Facility in Muara Tawar, Bekasi, West Java, which is equipped with 16 Microbox® compressors supplied by Galileo.

It is the biggest compression and storage facility built so far worldwide. As a result, it will provide 20 million standard cubic feet (mmscf) of natural gas per day, which will be used to generate 400 megawatts (MW) aimed to meet demand from Greater Jakarta customers during the peak-load periods.

In addition, the CNG compressors will also store 180 billion British thermal units of gas per day (bbtud) for later use. Furthermore, PT PLN will save 157.62 million dollars by cutting back 203 thousand kiloliters of fuel oil per year.

As the compression and CNG storage facility gets its maximum production capacity, the fuel oil will be eliminated and its consumption will be limited to emergencies. This fuel substitution will increase the savings and will imply a reduction of 350 tons in the annual emissions of sulfur dioxide (SO2).


  • Sixteen Microbox CNG compressors installed in Muara Tawar will supply natural gas to meet electric demand from Greater Jakarta customers during the peak-load periods.
  • PT PLN executives and local authorities during the opening of the new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Storage Facility in Muara Tawar.
  • Nanobox CNG compressor and dispenser, also supplied by Galileo, for the service of the NGVs fleet of PT PLN.
  • Aerial view of the CNG compression and storage facility in Muara Tawar during its construction stage.

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