Galileo opens its new Global Spare Parts & Training Hub

The new facilities established their headquarters in the city of Los Angeles, California, USA.

Galileo’s global spare parts & training hub in the city of Los Angeles, California, USA.

The opening is framed within Galileo`s globalization & expansion strategy, which aims to both the American and Worldwide markets.

It is mainly about a qualitative leap forward in spare parts’ delivery times. The services offered shall cover the entire company`s product lines, including CNG compressors, compressors for the Oil & Gas industry and LNG liquefaction plants.

Within 48hs average, Galileo will be able to deliver in almost every global destination by hiring courier services and logistics companies based on one of the main nodes of the global commerce.

Los Angeles has six commercial airports; being among them: the International Airport of Los Angeles (LAX), which ranks fifth regarding worldwide commercial traffic and third of the United States. It also has a wide harbor area, constituted by Long Beach and Saint Pedro harbors, as well as excellent land routes for freights.

These connection advantages have also been taken into account to settle, here in L.A., the Galileo University, which will be attended by clients from 65 countries. Engineers and technicians with years of professional experience in the lines of design, production and field service of the company, shall be heading the classrooms.

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