Galileo reaches milestone with the production and supply of CNG & Hydrogen

Along with the official launching of the semi-industrial production of hydrogen in the Pico Truncado Plant, province of Santa Cruz, Argentina, a filling station featuring Galileo's technology and supplying a fuel mix of hydrogen and natural gas (HCNG) started operations last Monday.

This major event took place after years of experimentation and development. As reported by the City of Pico Truncado, a number of vehicles will be monitored by specialized technicians, who will evaluate the effects of using hydrogen as fuel and then will seek to optimize these results. Moreover, the short-term goal is to extend the adoption of HCNG to almost the entire city fleet.

The launching was attended by City Mayor Osvaldo Maimó and Juan Carlos Bolcich, vice president of the World Association for Hydrogen and Technical Manager of Pico Truncado Plant, among other authorities, as well as representatives of the Argentinean company Galileo.

With this milestone, Pico Truncado, Santa Cruz and Argentina are now placed among great powers in the world regarding production of renewable and environmentally friendly energies, according to Mayor Maimó, who also said that this project could be completed “thanks to the confidence and support of the provincial government.”

Source: NGV Journal

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