Pertamina Gas chooses Galileo’s GNC compressors and dispensers for its new filling station in Jakarta

Pertamina Gas opened a new CNG filling station in Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia. This station is equipped with four Microbox® packaged GNC compressors and four EMB-15-1-D® CNG dispensers.

Operating together, the four Microbox offer a filling capacity of 1,680 GGE/hour (6,000 m3/hour), reaching 40,320 GGE/day (144,000 m3/day), since they will work 24 hours per day.

This massive compression capacity is aimed to serve urban buses and the tube-trailers used by Pertamina Gas for gas distribution among industrial consumers located outside the  metropolitan area.

In spite of being a big operational set, their minimal noise makes Microbox CNG compressors suitable for urban residential areas, as in this case.

  • Operating together, the four Microbox packaged GNC compressors offer a filling capacity of 1,680 GGE/hour ( 6,000 m3/hour ).
  • One of the four EMB-15-1-D CNG dispensers installed by Galileo.
  • New CNG filling station of Pertamina Gas in Jakarta, Indonesia, fully equipped by Galileo.


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