Unconventional gas needs unconventional solutions

Osvaldo Del Campo, Galileo's CEO, mentioned strong growth expectations in the Argentine market.

“We have created a set of technological solutions to develop unconventional natural gas. We understand that unconventional natural gas operations need unconventional processes. And this range of technological options would also allow us to develop conventional natural gas wells out of operations through unconventional processes.

Argentina is a country with a great amount of natural gas wells out of operation because they are unprofitable under conventional processes. With this technological set we developed we can make natural gas enter the system. We can also recover the production levels of mature and depleted wells.

These wellhead compressors are 100% Argentine technology, just like all the technology developed and exported by Galileo. Today we changed our way of looking ahead and turned our views towards Neuquen province. This technology allows us to cause a great impact on oil companies increasing their current production levels.

The main oil companies in the country, such as YPF, PAE and Total, are using our technology to increase their natural gas production. This applies to those wells that are part of the system but have depleted.”

  • Osvaldo del Campo, Galileo Technologies CEO
  • Galileo Microskid Process MX 200® compressors of 150 HP installed power, which will extend the service life of mature wells operated by YPF, the Argentine state-owned oil company, in the Loma de la Lata field, Neuquén Province, Argentina.

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